Our Vision

We believe every African Child should know how to program a computer.



Our Programs

  • TechQuest Camps
  • TechQuest Clubs
  • Virtual Labs Roll-Out Programs
  • TQ Kids-To-Work Programs (KTW)

Our Trainers

Our trainers are experienced programmers who have been working with kids for a long time, equipped with world class curriculum that is at par with their peers across the world’s leading STEM providers. ggggggggggggggggggggggggg


TechQuest Camps provide STEM education in a structured environment while making sure that kids make good use of their holidays. Upon successful completion of our coding programs, the kids receive a certificate of merit.


This is the basis of all website, web apps and a popular choice for creating mobile apps for iOS and Android. After a kid has learnt scratch, it is the next step into beginning real coding, before moving to CSS and Javascript.

Raspberry Pi is a precious tool for kids that can be used as a great introduction to the world of programming and coding. Just from plugging Raspberry Pi into their computer, children can learn a lot about coding. Starting, this way, to walk through an exciting path of knowledge and challenges.

Robotics helps the kids to learn STEM through playful meaningful experience. The kids typically design and build this robots through imagination and playful but coordinated exploration.

Scratch is a visual drag and drop programming language built by some smart folks in MIT. It is the best tool to introduce a kid to programming. It has a beautiful drag and drop interface which the kids are definitely going to find appealing and fun, and in the process, learn the basic concepts of programming thus opening their mind, imagination and intellectual capacity.

TechQuest STEM Academy offerings for 2018

Summer Camp: July- September, 2018

STEM Tournament/ Hackathon

Embedded School Programs


If you want your child/school to participate in any of these programs, kindly contact us on

08065153785, 08099518592 info@techquestcamp.com

Our STEM Campus

The TechQuest campus has a state of the art educational facilities, tools and great support system to aid learning and conducive environment for your kids.

Note: TechQuest Camp does not currently offer accommodation during its summer camp training

We are training 1000 kids in Ebutte-Meta

TechQuest in partnership with the Lagos Mainland Local Government is currently training 1000 Kids in Ebutte-Meta in Animation and Game Design. To become a sponsor/partner kindly send an email to info@techquestcamp.com.


TechQuest Summer Camp Batch 1 Ends

Last weekend, we graduated our first set of coders from our summer coding camp. From our first class on, we knew we were on to something special. The students proved to be incredibly motivated, and they made big leaps in their skills in short period of time. Teaching these kids was inspiring, and really rewarding […]

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kids coding
TechQuest Summer Camp 2017

It’s the summer holidays again. The kids are back home stuck to the TV all day and  complaining how bored they get. Rather than let them spend the entire summer playing with friends, why not send them to our coding camps? TechQuest Summer Camp offers the kids a chance to explore an interest in web design,robotics […]

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Gender Roles in Programming- Should Girls Code?

Assume you have a box containing 100 balls, of which 49 have the letter “M” engraved on them, and the remaining 51 have F engraved on them. These balls are shuffled and a random individual is asked to pick out 10 balls. If the individual pulls out 8 “M”s and 2 “F”s for 5 consecutive […]

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